The Life And Career of Novak Djokovic

Meet a player who has held the number 1 spot in the ATP rankings for 275 weeks – Novak Djokovic. If you want to know who he is and what his significant accomplishments are, read this article. In it, you will learn some more information about his life and career.

Who Is The Serbian Star Novak Djokovic?

We can easily say that as a kid Novak Djokovic was a prodigy as he started playing tennis when he was barely four years old. Less than ten years afterward, he went to train in one of the best countries for tennis, Germany. This laid the foundation of his rapidly developing career, which led him to the top.

He became very popular among tennis fans in 2008 when he won the tournament of Australia Open. Just two years after that, he was the first Serbian to lead his national team to win the Davis Cup. It is not a surprise why Serbians are so proud of this athlete.

In 2011, Djokovic managed to make a streak of 43 winning matches. In 2016, when he won the French Open, he repeated Rod Laver’s success from 1969, which was to be the holder of all the four most notable titles at the same time.

Want to Know Something More About Novak’s Personal Life?

Novak was born in 1987, which means that at the time when this article is written, he is at the age of 32. Adding to the fact that he was extremely talented as a child is also the fact that his family owned a tennis academy.

So Novak could practice without worrying about finance, sports facilities, or expensive courts. This fact has also played a significant role in the development of his career as we all know that tennis is a pricy sport and some of his competitors didn’t have his luck.

However, his early days were not only happy. At a very young age, he had to go through the hard times of the war in the former Yugoslavia. He has admitted that the war was one of the factors that made him train even harder and reach for the top.

Thanks to his international career, which began in 2001, Novak can now speak fluently four languages – Serbian, English, German, and Italian. Novak has two brothers, both of whom are also professional tennis players. Moved by the social inequalities in Serbia, Djokovic founded the Novak Djokovic Foundation, whose purpose is to help poor children in Serbia get a better education.

The Timeline of Novak Djokovic’s Career

2001 – Novak finished the World Junior Championship at second-place;

2003 – he was announced to be the 40th best junior tennis player on the globe;

2004 – his first ATP Challenger competition won;

2007 – he became world’s number 3 tennis player;

2008 – a bronze medal in the Beijing Olympics;

2010 – he won the Davis Cup trophy;

2011 – winning 43 consequent matches; he is still the only one who has ever done that; he also won Australia Open, the USA Open, and Wimbledon; announced for tennis player number 1;

2012 – winning the Australia Open singles;

2013 – he won the Australia Open singles again;

2014 – he won his second Wimbledon title;

2015 – Novak won Australia Open;

2016 – this year brought him his six Australia Open title.