Andre Agassi’s Life and Career

Andre Agassi is a former professional tennis player. He is famous for his unique style of playing tennis, which is characterized by smart moves and powerful actions. It was his style that helped him to win a number of tournaments in the 1990s.

Agassi became a professional tennis player when he was 16 years old. It was in 1992 when he won his first Grand Slam title. A number of other triumphs followed afterward. Andre Agassi decided to retire from Tennis in 2006.

Agassi’s Most Notable Achievements in Years

Here is a list with the most successful years in the career of Andre Agassi:

  • 1987 – Andre won his first contest;
  • 1992 – this was the year in which he won his first Grand Slam at Wimbledon;
  • 1994 – he celebrated his victory of winning the US Open;
  • 1995 – he won the Australia Open tournament;
  • 1996 – Agassi won a gold medal from the Summer Olympic Games which took place in Atlanta, Georgia;
  • 1999 – Agassi won the US Open and the French Open;
  • 2000, 2001,2003 – Andre Agassi won the Australia Open;
  • 2006 – he retired from competing;

Andre Agassi’s Personal Life

Agassi started playing while still being a toddler. It was his father who introduced him to tennis and was also his first coach. As a teenager, Agassi decided to quit school so he could train all day. He then moved to Florida and started training in the Nick Bollettieri Academy of Tennis. After winning some US National Association titles, Andre considered joining professional tennis. He did so in 1986.

Since his retirement from his professional career in 2006, Agassi has devoted his life to developing different educational programs. As the most famous sportspeople do, Agassi also opened his foundation. Its name is the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation. This organization helps underprivileged children to have free access to education and sports activities.

Inspired by his philanthropic desire to help people, and after seeing the success of his foundation, Andre Agassi opened the Andre Agassi College Preparatory School. It was founded in 2001 in Las Vegas.

When he was younger, it was believed that Agassi is in a relationship with the much older than him singer Barbra Streisand. However, he managed to prove that this gossip was not true by marrying the actress Brooke Shields in1997. Later on, Agassi had some problems both with his professional and personal life.

In 1997 his drug test results turned out positive. He explained that it was due to the accidental drinking of beverage in which there was probably some drug.  It appeared that his marriage with Brooke Shields was not a successful one as it ended only two years after its beginning. This allowed him to focus solely on his career and to spend long hours training.

In 2001 Agassi married Steffi Graf, also a former tennis star. Now they are still happily married and have two children. Agassi’s name was inducted into the hall of Fame of Tennis in 2011.