Roger Federer – A Tennis Superstar

There is no doubt that Roger Federer is one of the top tennis players of all time.  He holds the record for most Grand Slam Singles titles – 20. But even more surprising is the fact that he was only 11 years old when he was one of the best players in his home country, Switzerland.

Roger Federer joined professional tennis playing in 1998. Five years later, in 2003, he won a Grand Slam singles title, and thus he became the first tennis player from his country to do this. In 2017, being already 35 years old, he won his eighth Wimbledon title, and by doing this, he broke the world record once again.

Federer’s Most Notable Achievements

Here is the timeline of the most significant years in the career of Roger Federer:

  • 1998 – he won the Wimbledon singles and doubles for boys, and he became a professional tennis player;
  • 2003 – he made Switzerland citizens proud by becoming the first tennis player of his country to win a Grand Slam title;
  • 2004 – he became the world number 2 tennis player; the same year he won the Australian Open, the US Open, and the ATP Masters;
  • 2005 – he was finally announced to be the world number one tennis player; the same year he won the Wimbledon singles and the US Open;
  • 2204-2008 – during this period of time Federer managed to hold the position of world number 1 tennis player;
  • 2012 – he regained his number 1 rank after having some difficult time before that;
  • 2016 – Federer won his 18th Grand Slam title;
  • 2017 – he won his 8th title at Wimbledon, setting a new record;

Federer’s Personal Life

Federer was born in Switzerland in 1981. In comparison to other famous tennis players, Roger began playing tennis at a rather old age – he was 8 when he started training tennis and soccer. After becoming one of the best three young tennis players in Switzerland, Roger decided to focus only on tennis and stop training soccer.

When he was a child, his role models were Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker, and he tried to play like them. At 14, he won National Junior Championship in Switzerland. Four years later, just before becoming a professional tennis player, Roger won the Orange Bowl and the junior title of Wimbledon.

In 2003, being emotionally moved by the poverty in some countries, he decided to found the Roger Federer Foundation. It aims to help the children in these countries to have better chances for education and free access to sports facilities.

As it happens with most famous tennis players, in 2009, Roger married a former tennis player, Mirka Vavrinec. They have two identical twins, Charlene and Myla. The miracle happened again in 2014 when they had their second twins born. This time they were boys, Lenny and Leo. At a recent moment, Federer and his beautiful big family live in Bottmingen, which is situated in Switzerland.