Venus Williams’ Life and Career

Every tennis fan has heard of Venus Williams since she is one of the best female tennis players in the world. She is also the one that has set the standards in tennis because of her unique style of playing. Venus and her sister Serena changed the way people look at the way tennis is played – they have brought a lot of athleticism and energy to the sport.

Venus has turned into a role model not only for her sister Serena but also for other young Afro-American women. In this article, you can learn some more information about Venus Williams’s life and career.

Venus Williams’ Unique Style of Playing

Venus Williams is considered to be a very aggressive player.  Her style is characterized by a very good service which gives her the chance to win easy points form the very beginning of each game. Venus has no problem reaching any corner of the court, thanks to her powerful forehand.

Her backhand is also legendary strong. Though Venus had improved her volley through the years, she has decided to remain a baseline player. Another strength of Venus is that she is a speedy player. However, with the advance of the years, she has slowed down, and now her defense is her weakest point.

The Most Significant Achievements of Venus Williams

This is the list of the most notable achievements of Venus Williams:

  • She has been one of two women to reach the US Open from her first try;
  • She was also the first Afro-American woman who was announced to be world number 1;
  • She is one of only two players who have managed to get five Olympic medals;
  • She is also one of two women who have won 4 Olympic medals in the field of tennis;
  • She has had the most number of appearances in the Grand Slams singles;
  • In 2007 she won Wimbledon and thus became the slowest and the lowest-ranked woman to win this contest;
  • Until 2014 she held the record for the fastest serve by a woman;

Are You Interested to Learn Some More Things About Venus’s Personal Life?

Venus was born in California, but later on, she moved to Florida. This happened when she was at the age of 10. Whenever she and her sister arrived in Florida, they immediately joined the tennis academy of Rick Macci. However, their leading coaches were their parents – Oracene and Richard Price.

The sisters were in their late teenage years when they joined professional tennis. The year 2013 was very difficult for Williams as it was then when she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. This disease seriously influenced her endurance on the court, but she didn’t give up.

She spent a long time of treatment, and she had to be on a diet, but afterward, she returned to the court. An interesting fact about Venus is that she has become a fashion designer, and she has her own label for athletic clothing for women. It is called ‘Eleven.’